Thursday 31 July 2014

School's Out!

Hello Again! Thanks for dropping by. Well, this last week provided me with the opportunity to get organised and do some creating!

I wanted to say a big 'Thank You' to three lovely ladies who have made my transition into a new job really smooth, for which I am truly grateful! I am now so lucky to work in the most gorgeous school, and though it provides it's day to day challenges, I cannot wait to get there every morning!

Right! Onto the interesting stuff!! Here are the three cards that I put together. I wanted something really quick, so out came my Avery Elle "Laurels", and Winnie and Walter "The Big, The Bold and You". I used Avery Elle's pigment inks as well, the colours are so lovely and vibrant. I love pigment ink again!!

I just love the way that the Avery Elle inks work together. So pretty, and such lovely colours.

I made three cards, small format, but were enough to say how thankful I was! I think they look lovely together - there might be more of a chance to bundle cards together to make them a present for someone. I might give that a try over the holiday!

Thank you so much for visiting! I think I need to find myself a nice watermark too!

I'm starting an Online Card Class shortly, so there should be a lot more activity on here for a while!


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